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Friday, 19 February 2010

"Gemma" L/E of 2 Genista Bears

"Gemma" L/E of 2 Genista Bears Is Currently On eBay. Click On Her Photograph To View Her Auction.

Thank you for looking!!
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose

"Oscar" On eBay

"Oscar" OOAK Faux Fur 13ins Is Currently On eBay
Please Click On Oscars' Photo To Be Taken To His Auction

Thank You For Looking!!
My New Designs Will Be Available Soon. After The Death Of Our Beloved "Jasper" Work Went On Hold For A Time.
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Hillary Rose

"Henry" Musical Bear On eBay

"Henry" A OOAK 14ins Musical Bear Is Currently On eBay
Click On Henry's Photograph To Be Taken To His eBay Auction.

Do You Have Room In Your Heart And Hug For Handsome "Henry"?

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Hillary Rose

Friday, 5 February 2010

Farewell Jasper

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell everyone that our beloved Jasper "Babba" passed away yesterday evening 4th February at 9.10pm. He came home from his hydration therapy at 5pm and his breathing was quite difficult. After a few hours he started to get distressed so we had to rush him to see his veterinarian. He was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, the water was by-passing his kidneys and going straight to his lungs. His kidneys had completely failed. He would have drowned in his own fluid. We had no choice but do the only thing we could for our beloved friend and had Jasper "put to sleep". It was the hardest thing that we have ever had to do but we could not leave our boy scared and suffering. It was very quick and peaceful and we brought him home to be cremated at the pet crematorium.

We wish to thank everyone for their kindness, support and well wishes and I am sure that Jasper would also like to thank you. We would also like to thank all the staff at Jaspers' veterinarians for everything that they did for him.

Hillary Rose

"He Is Your Friend, Your Partner, Your Defender, Your Dog. You Are His Life, His Love And His Leader. He Will Be Yours, Faithful And True, To The Last Beat Of His Heart. You Owe It To Be Him To Be Worthy Of Such Devotion"

Monday, 1 February 2010

Jasper Unwell

What a terrible week we have had! Our beloved dog Jasper "Babba" eleven years of age, has been diagnosed as being diabetic. He has been so ill the last few days and is currently in hospital on a drip. We are hoping for him to return home tomorrow when he will start insulin injections, given by us. We have just telephoned to check on him and he is showing signs of improvement, so, fingers crossed!!
Update 4th February (AM)
Jasper came home the following day (2nd) but still so sick. On top of being diagnosed with diabetis, he also has renal failure. He came home to be with us overnight and then was to go back to the vets the next day to be "put to sleep" as he is so ill. It was such a hard decision to have to make. You cannot imagine the tears we have shed. The following morning (3rd) we arranged to return with him to the vets when he suddenly started to show signs of improvement, only slight but they were there. We telephoned to cancel/postpone and discuss with the vet but still had to take him back to the vets for his insulin. We have fed him baby food through a syringe which he has managed to keep down and is keeping water down but he is still very ill. We are now giving him his insulin injections at home. Today he has gone back 9.30am - 5pm for hydration therapy and will continue daily with this for now, hopefully to decrease the toxins. If we can decrease the toxins and he starts to eat he has a chance of recovery. He is a very sick dog and this is probably our last shot at saving him, but we have to try. We love him dearly. Please say a prayer for our boy Jasper....
Beary Hugs