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Welcome to my blog.... This is were I will be posting about all the things that go on in my world. I will be sharing photos, information etc and anything else I find interesting. This blog is linked to my website The House Of Genista."Genista" is pronounced "Jennista" with a J but spelt with a G. I am a teddy bear artist. I design and create collectible mohair "Genista Bears", needlefelted bears and other animals. If you have an interest in seeing any of my work please check out this blog, my other blogs "The House Of Genista Bear Studio" or visit my website. Links for other blogs and website are below.... Please enjoy your visit with us and become a follower if you enjoyed your visit. Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you....... Hugs Hillary Rose THE HOUSE OF GENISTA

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Antique/Vintage Bears

As well as designing and making Teddy Bears and other Bear related items, The House Of Genista aims to offer a good selection of mid 20th century Teddy Bears, and other Animals/Toys from worn and well-loved to good and even mint condition. The House Of Genista is the perfect place for starting or adding to a collection or simply finding "A Special Old Friend!"There is no antique quite so huggable and endearing as an old Teddy Bear, and even today, collecting old Teddy Bears remains an International Passion. Available mainly on my website and eBay, but I do have a few here on my blog for you to take a peek at. For more information, please email me at genistabears@hotmail.co.uk. Each of my Antique/Vintage Teddy Bears comes complete with a H of G Bear Care Information leaflet and an organza lavender bag filled with french lavender to deter insects.
Thank you for looking.
Have a Good Day!
Hillary Rose

"Cher Bear " A OOAK Collectible "Genista Bear"

Please meet "Cher Bear ", a lovely bonny little Teddy Bear created from a lovely baby blue mohair with co-ordinating baby blue merino wool needlefelted paw pads. She is a petite 10ins/25.4cms tall from the top of her head to the tip of her cute little toes. Her face has been trimmed and needlefelted in a lovely baby blue merino wool, black bootbutton eyes, felted under eye whites, embroidered nose/mouth in a blue mix perle cotton. "Cher" is poly filled, fully traditionaly hardwood and cotter pin jointed and wears a lovely beaded necklace around her neck, blue gingham bows in her ears. Complete with H of G Logo in white felt heart on right paw pad, H of G Hangtag, and H of G Certificate of Authenticity. "Cher" is a cellist and comes complete with her wooden violoncello, her bowed string instrument that she plays every Sunday. "Cher" is a OOAK Handcrafted Teddy Bear Made in Wales by myself, Hillary Rose of The House Of Genista. "Cher" is priced at £39.99 plus postage and packing. If you are interested in "Cher" please email me or visit us on Bearpile at http://www.thehouseofgenista.bearpile.com/
Thank you for looking.
Have a Good Day!!
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose

Friday, 14 August 2009

"Bamboo" A New Mini Panda Bear

Pandas Are Very Shy, Private And Sweet Natured Animals, Said To Bring "Good Luck". Meet "Bamboo" my brand new mini Panda from The Miniature World Of The House Of Genista. He is made from a lovely black and ivory mohair with co-ordinating black felt paw pads. Filled with quality polyfibre and glass beads for added weight. Bamboo is just 5.5 inches tall and a traditional looking little Panda Bear. Black glass bead eyes, shaded to give him his Panda patches, black embroidered nose and mouth give him a lovely little expressive face, so full of character. He is 5 way traditionally cotter pin jointed. Bamboo wears with pride his lovely Ivory Bow and "Wish Upon A Star" Charm around his neck. H of G Logo on right pawpad, H of G Hangtag and H of G Certificate of Authenticity. Bamboo is a OOAK Teddy Bear. Give "Bamboo" as a symbol of "Luck" to someone you care about. Available on my website and ArtFire Studio. Please click on photo to be taken to my ArtFire Studio listings.
Have a Good Day!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

A New Bear In My ETSY Store

Meet "Smokey" a cute 6ins "Genista Bear" which I have just listed in my Etsy Store. She has been lovingly handcrafted from the most gorgeous long frosted mohair in shades of white and greys with a needle felted muzzle/nose. If you would like to find out more about her please visit my Etsy store http://www.thehouseofgenista.etsy.com/ where you will find her along with more of my "Genista Bears".
Beary Hugs
The House Of Genista

Friday, 24 July 2009


"Caitlin" Is A Lovely Knitted "Genista Bear" With Lots Of Character. She Is Made From the Finest Quality Knitting Yarns And Hand Brushed for Effect. At 21 inches Tall She Is Quite A Large Teddy Bear, Polyfibre Filled. Caitlin Is Unjointed. She Has Safety Eyes, Safety Nose, Embroidered Mouth, And Claws Embroidered To Her Pawpads. She Comes To You Wearing Her Lovely Navy/White Stripey Sailor Dress And Red Bow Adorning Her Head To Compliment Her Lovely Beigey/Gold Colour. She Comes Complete With Her "The House Of Genista" Sewn In Label, H of G Hangtag, H of G Logo Attached To Her Right Pawpad And H of G Certificate Of Authenticity. Caitlin Is A OOAK Teddy Bear. She Also Wears Her Lovely Silver Teddy Bear Charm Attached To A Ribbon Around Her Arm, Which Is Removeable If Given To A Child. A Truly Lovely Teddy Bear.
Caitlin Is Available on My Website For Christmas. (Click Photo For Link.) Caitlin Would Make A Truly Lovely Gift Or A Great Addition To Any Teddy Bear Hug. She Is Suitable For A Child Or Adult Collector.
Thank You For Looking.....
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose
The House Of Genista

"Bella" A Limited Edition Teddy Bear

Please meet "Bella" a lovely Limited Edition Teddy Bear From The Miniature World Of The House Of Genista. I have just listed her for sale in my ArtFire Studio.
What a character she is with her big pot belly!!
Please click on her photo to be taken to my studio if you would like more information about her.........
Thank you for looking.
Have a Great Day!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Few Of My Needle Felted Sculptures

As promised a few of my needle felted sculptures for you to have a peak at......
Needlefelting is an age old art creating soft sculpted designs. Needle felting is a time consuming hand sculpting process of inter-locking and shaping fibres using only special barbed needles. Felting is one of the worlds oldest fibre crafts and dates back as far as 6300BC adapted to this form of needle felting in the early 1980's by two American artists enabling us to make 3D sculptures without the use of sewing or adhesives. Each of my needle felted sculptures is a OOAK soft sculpture creation as no patterns are used, only imagination, making each creation unique and highly collectible. Sizes vary. Needle felted sculptures are not toys and therefore not intended for children. They are intended for the adult collector. These little creations must not be brushed and would be best kept in a display cabinet/display dome to keep off the elements (dust etc). All sculptures come complete with a unique H of G COA and H of G hangtag. If you are interested in any of my work, please email me or if you would like anymore information.
Thank you for looking.....
Have a Good Day!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"Bruno" A Cute Little Bear Cub

Hello.... Meet "Bruno" my latest Bear Cub Creation from "The Miniature World Of The House Of Genista". A cute traditional little bear with a vintage look standing at a petite six inches tall from the top of his handsome little head to the tip of his cute little toes. Bruno has been lovingly handcrafted from a lovely brown tipped mohair with co-ordinating ultrasuede paw pads. He wears his Teddy Bear charm on a brown leather cord around his neck. H of G logo on right paw pad, H of G Hangtag and H of G COA complete Bruno who is from a small limited edition of just three Teddy Bears. He will be for sale in my Etsy shop shortly where you will be able to read about him in more detail. http://www.thehouseofgenista.etsy.com/
I will be adding a few of my needlefelted sculptures to my blog for you to see later so please call back to have a little peak. But for now....
Thank you for looking. Have a Good Day!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Hi, welcome back to my blog! Gosh, has it been hot today, but back to normal tomorrow by the sound of the weather forecast, thunder and rain. Good while it lasted though! A typical British summer.....

Please meet "Eliza" from my "Golden Girls Collection". She is from a small limited edition of just two teddy bears. She is currently on sale in my Etsy shop if you would like to meet her. Just click on her photo to be taken to her listing.

Well, back to work. I have almost finished a lovely little bear cub - he will be ready tomorrow as long as we get some good light for his photo shoot, so see you then. Have a good day!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

"MacKenzie" A New Bear Cub In My Etsy Shop

I Have Finished A New Little Bear Cub Called "MacKenzie". He is A Sweet Little Teddy Bear Looking For A New Home. A Proper Little Character With A Cheeky Smile. Measuring Just 7 Inches In Height, He Has Been Lovingly Designed and Handstitched By Myself, Hillary Rose, From A Gorgeous Dense Mohair In Lovely Shades Of Black And Gold. MacKenzie Is Fully Traditionally Cotter Pin Jointed. Lovely Amber/Black Glass Eyes And A Cute Chocolate Brown Needlefelted Nose Enhance MacKenzies' Softly Sculpted/Needlefelted Face Which Has Been Felted From Co-ordinating British Lambs Wool. Co-Ordinating Felted Paw Pads. Poly/Pellet Filled. MacKenzie Comes To You Wearing His Lovely Gold Satin Ribbon And Teddy Bear Charm Around His Neck. Complete With H of G Hangtag, H of G Logo (On Right Paw Pad), H of G COA. A OOAK Collectible Teddy Bear From The House Of Genista "Genista Bears" Collection. If You Are Interested In Giving MacKenzie Or Any Of My Bears A New Home , Please Email Me.
I Have Many More Little Bears Planned And Already Created. They Will Make Their Debut Here On My Blog Before Going Onto My Website Or EBay. Hope You Enjoyed Meeting MacKenzie! Please Click On His Photo To Be Taken To His Listing In My ETSY Shop!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Well, I have finally done it!!!! I have started my own blog. I have been thinking about it for some time and today I decided it's now or never!
You are more than welcome to visit my blog as often as you like and see my little creations, old, new and those under construction!
Email me if you would like to be notified when new "Genista Bears" become available or for any other information. My website has now been published. Please join my mailing list.
Thank You!

Welcome To The House Of Genista

HELLO, and a very warm welcome to The House Of Genista Blog and "Genista Bears", designed and handcrafted by myself, Hillary Rose. As a Teddy Bear Artist and Collector I take pride in offering Teddy Bears handcrafted from the finest quality materials with great attention paid to each individual creation. Commitment to quality is very important to me. Creating a Teddy Bear truly is a labour of love! It takes many hours to design and sew a Teddy Bear before you get to the hand-trimming, sculpting, adding highlights and choosing accessories to bring out the Great Big Bearsonality of each special creation, and it's this great attention to detail that makes each "Genista Bear"unique and highly collectible.
Traditional - Contemporary, Whimsical - Soulful, Primitive - Outrageous, "Something For Everyone"
The House Of Genista Collection consists of:
*Genista Bears (Mohair/Plush/Faux Fur Collections/Different Ranges)
*Genista "Felties"
*The Miniature World Of The House Of Genista
*Genista "Chenille" Bears/Animals
*Genista Bears "Knitted/Crocheted" Collection
*The Katie Rose Collection "Needle Felted Sculptures"

All "Genista Bears" are designed and made by myself - A wife, mother of two grown up daughters and devoted pet owner of a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier (Megan ), a Cross-Breed (Jasper ), several cats (Oliver/Olivia), an African Leopard Tortoise (Timmy), 2 Goldfish and a 25 year old Catfish (Perky). As a woman with limited interests LOL, I design Bears, make Bears and also collect them. I have been collecting, drawing and constructing Teddy Bears for many years. This has been a natural emersion from a life-long love of sewing and a passion for Teddy Bears. With an interest in anything artistic, designing, painting, floristry, and a great love for animals (especially Yorkshire Terriers), this makes a good combination for creating Teddy Bears. I love designing Teddy Bears as well as making them, so you will find a variety of styles and materials used throughout my "Genista Bears". My daughter Catherine also makes the occasional "Genista Bear".
Please Take a look at my bears on EBay: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/genistabears07
Please visit my website
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose
The House Of Genista