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Friday, 30 September 2011

Bluebell and Candy Kisses

Two of my NEW DESIGN "Genelefumps" have been Adopted.
"Bluebell" and "Candy Kisses"
created for twins.


Hope you like them!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Few Of My New Designs

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Things have been rather hectic lately. My daughter Amanda has been ill with Kidney Stones, very painful and our African Leopard Tortoise Timmy has been seriously ill with a blood condition, "Septicemia". We have no idea how he got it, vet thinks from a small cut to his leg that wasn't noticed. He hasn't eaten for 18 days, is being fed with a Critical Care formula via a tube in his neck. He is a very sick little boy but is showing signs of improvement thankfully. He is now more alert and has put weight on and is no longer dehydrated. He is on loads of medication and back and fore to the vets. He is not out of danger yet but it is looking very promising now. We were staying at our caravan when he was taken ill so we are still there with him, close to the vet that is treating him so my internet has been very limited lately. I have a Vodafone mobile dongle but it is soooo painfully slow that I cannot bear to try it too often as it gets me really irritable.

Casper our Chocolate Labrador who has Hip Dysplasia is back to the vets for his second knee operation on Monday. This has been delayed due to my daughter being ill and also Timmy but he is doing great and the other knee has healed up wonderful. There has been a delay in my taking his breeders to court with all that has been going on but I have an appointment to get the ball rolling for as soon as we get back from the caravan. That is something that I MUST get on with!

Unable to upload pics of my new designs at mo, will try again later

Beary Hugs

Monday, 4 July 2011

"Daisy" - Vintage Dreams

"Daisy" 7 inches

Please meet "Daisy" a 7 ins lady bear from my Vintage Dreams Collection. "Daisy" is just a tad over 7 ins tall, a traditional little bear (extra long arms/legs just like the old style bears), as are all my Vintage Dreams Teds. She has been created from a lovely pink mohair with co-ordinating paw pads, fully jointed, black boot button eyes, cotton nose (worn), cotton claws/stitching. "Daisy" has been gently aged to give her that worn/loved look. If you like old looking bears then "Daisy" is just right for you. She is now on my website and in my Etsy store!

Hope you like her!

Beary Hugs

Sunday, 3 July 2011

"Will" - 7inches

I have been really busy the last few weeks while Casper has been re-cuperating from his knee surgery, trying to catch up with all the bears who weren't quite finished so that I can continue with my new designs. Below are a few of them. Hope you like them!

"Will" 7 inches

"Will" is from a traditionl pattern (same as Sophie and Jodie below) and stands at just 7 inches tall, fully jointed, poly filled, boot button eyes. needle felted nose, cotton mouth. He has been created from a lovely vintage gold mohair. He reminds me of "Wee Willie Winkie", hence his name. He comes complete with his beige/white plush jacket and hat ready for the winter. He is a cute little bear with a lovely smile. He is now on my website and in my Etsy Shop!

I hope you like "Will"

Beary Hugs


"Sophie" 10 ins

Sophie is 10 inches tall and created from the same pattern as "Jodie" in the traditional style from a beautiful light beige mohair with co-ordinating paw pads. She is fully jointed, polyfilled, black boot button eyes, black needle felted nose and cotton mouth. "Sophie" comes complete in her pretty pink cotton/lace outfit, dress, matching pants and lace ribbon on her head. She is a sweet little bear. Sophie is now on my website and in my Etsy Shop!

I hope you like her!

Beary Hugs


"Jodie" 10 ins tall

  Please meet "Jodie" a new "Genista Bear" that I have just put the finishing touches too. "Jodie" is a traditional style bear created from a lovely vintage gold mohair with co-ordinating ultrasuede paw pads. She is fully jointed with black boot button eyes, black needlefelted nose and cotton mouth. She is poly filled. "Jodie" comes complete with her pretty cotton outfit, dress, pants and matching bow on her head. She is a cute little bear with a lovely little smaile!
She is now on my website and in my Etsy Shop!

Hope you like her.
Beary Hugs

Wednesday, 29 June 2011



Please meet "Cloud" a new "Genista Bear" who is just under 10 inches tall and has been created from a beautiful Schulte dense blue mohair with co-ordinating mohair paw pads. "Cloud" is fully cotter pin jointed, poly filled, black German glass eyes, needle felted nose/snout. He can stand on his own unaided using his big bulky feet and his pot belly.
"Cloud" comes complete with his blue wooly stripey pixie hat to keep him warm.
He is now on my website and in my Etsy Shop!
I hope you like him!!

Beary Hugs

"Ruben" - Vintage Dreams

"Ruban" in orange waistcoat

Here we have "Ruben", another Ted in my "Vintage Dreams" Collection. Standing at 14 inches tall Ruben has been handcrafted from a lovely soft cream quality mohair with co-ordinating ultrasuede paw pads. Black boot button glass eyes, black embroidered nose, poly filled with some steel shot for extra weight, fully jointed. "Ruben" has been gently aged to give him a soft worn look, and a look that he has been repaired in places. he comes wearing his lovely old wooly waistcoat to keep his old bones warm. There is a choice of waistcoats with Ruben, you can have him with either his cream or his orange waistcoat. "Ruben" is a traditional looking bear, as are all my "Vintage Dreams" Teddy Bears and he is a solid boy of a substantial weight.
"Ruben" is now on my website and in my Etsy Shop

"Ruban" in cream waistcoat
"Ruban" in the fur
I hope you like him!

Beary Hugs

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Please meet Mabel from my "Vintage Dreams" collection.

Mabel Front

A traditional looking little Ted, Mabel is just a tad under 10 ins/25.4cms tall. She has been created from a lovely quality spice colour mohair with co-ordinating wool felt paw pads. She has button eyes and a worn cotton nose. Mabel is fully traditionally hardwood and cotter pin jointed, polyfilled. I have gently aged Mable to give her a pretty worn look. She is wearing two gold bells on a leather cord around her neck. She is now on my website and in my Etsy shop!

Mabel back

Mabel side

Hope you like her!

Beary Hugs

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Casper Home And Doing Well

Casper after his knee surgery

Casper is now back home with us and doing very well after the surgery on his left knee. Just to update you, the response we have had from Caspers breeders (Fallowfen Gundogs) has been very derisary, I cannot go into details at the moment for legal reasons, but we are not happy with the outcome or their attitude, so a formal letter is going out today and we have been told that we have a good case to be represented in court, so unless anything changes e.g. a better offer, it looks like that is the road we will be going down.
I also intend to start a campaign/petition as we feel that breeding puppies with genetical problems must stop here and now, (especially by breeders accredited by The Kennel Club). We do not want to see any more puppies have to suffer with Caspers conditions. We have been in touch with The Kennel Club and are awaiting a response from them.

We took all the precautions we could before purchasing Casper. He was purchased from a breeder accredited by The Kennel Club, parents had good hip and eye scores (means nothing), we went all the way to Nottingham to get him to ensure (or so we thought) that we were getting a puppy with no genetical problems. So what went wrong? This is what we need to campaign about, to ensure this does not happen again to anyone else. I have been a campaigner for animals for many years, petitioning, standing outside with banners in the rain and so on, no matter what the distance, so I'm an old hand at this and  like a dog with a bone when I feel something is wrong especially concerning animals. Casper is "My Baby"so you can understand why I am so angry and upset about the whole situation and the way we have been treated.

Casper is feeling much better every day now thankfully, but it is going to be a long old haul to get him walking properly like any other normal dog. As I said in a previous post he has to have his right knee operated on in around 6 weeks (same as this op), and then there are both hips to be replaced one at a time. He's a tough old "Chocolate Pudding" and we are very proud of him and wouldn't change him for the world. Our vet has said that after all the surgery has been completed he should be able to walk and run like any other dog, so I'm looking forward to that. But we should not have to pay £12,000 for our dog to be able to walk properly because of bad genetical breeding.  And, more importantly Casper should not have to go through all of this. We will do it, because we love the bones of him.

I will let you know when my campaign is online so you can pop along and show your support, and have your say if you would like to.
 Please let me know your opinion on buying a dog for £600 and then having to spend £12,000 for him to walk properly! Is that fair? Should the breeder be liable as it is a genetical problem (diagnosed by the age of 6 months) or should we have to bear the full cost of the treatment?

Beary Hugs

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Surgery Today

Casper a few days ago at the caravan

Casper, my beautiful Chocolate Labrador, is  in Bristol at the moment with his Orthopaedic Surgeon, having surgery on his left knee (Luxating Patella). He will have the right one done in 2 to 3 months. Unfortunately we had to leave him in Bristol untill tomorrow as he has to have a tube in to drain the fluid off, but hopefully we will be able to pick him up and bring him home tomorrow, after he has had an assessment.
As for his hip dysplasia, the  x-rays were done on his hips also and they are what is known as "Floating", they are not in the socket. His bones are all in good shape but his hip problem is going to have to be sorted also in the near future. Looks like a total hip replacement for him after all. We were hoping that by the time he reached 18 months that things may have changed but that is looking very unlikely now. He is 15 months old now and nothing has changed so it's unlikely, unless a miracle happens.
We telephoned a little while ago and Casper is now out of surgery and looks like the operation was successful. A groove was cut into his bone for the kneecap to sit in and also they had to pin it together. The vet says that it is now very strong. He will be recovering for at least 6 weeks, no walks etc in that time and will probably have the right knee done (same thing) in 2 - 3 months depending on recovery. After that he will be having a total hip replacement, one side at a time with about 3 months recovery for each side.
We will just be glad to have him back home. I am so far behind with my bear work and art but Casper has to come first. My new designs are all but finished, it's just having the time now to put them all together. Some are nearly completed, just bits and pieces to do so I am hoping to get on with them whilst Casper recouperates. I do have a completed bear that I will be putting on in the next few days, just have to photograph him when we get some sunshine, but he is not from my new designs.
Early start in the morning so I am off for an early night.

Beary Hugs

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


"Made For My Own Collection"

Summer" is a cute little Anime Bear. At just 2.5ins/5.5cms, Summer has been created using the prettiest shades of cashmere, in a bright white, soft lemon and baby pink. She is poly filled and thread jointed. Summer has tiny black bead eyes. embroidered mouth/eyebrows and a very cute resin nose. Her finishing touch is a very pretty pink shimmering organza ribbon around her neck. Summer was not created from my own design but made by myself from a bought kit I had given to me. I couldn't resist making her up! Isn't she cute though!

Beary Hugs

Monday, 2 May 2011

"Tatty" A Sweet Miniature Puppy

"Tatty" 1.5ins
This is "Tatty" a 1.5ins Miniature Treasure Puppy. Tatty has been lovingly created using lovely soft merino wool in white and grey. She has been needle felted  and has needle felted features including her tail and comes complete with her bright red needle felted merino wool nest. Tatty has a thread jointed head for posing, limbs are not jointed.
Tatty is looking for a loving cosy little home and is ideal for a miniature collection. She will be on my website and Etsy store soon.
I hope you like her!

Beary Hugs

Sunday, 1 May 2011

"Topsy" Second Felted Guinea Pig

"TOPSY" 1ins Guinea Pig

Meet "Topsy" my second "Miniature Treasure" Guinea Pig. Topsy has been needle felted from beautiful, soft merino wool, black and tan. He is one inch long and about 1/2 ins high. His eyes have been needle felted and his mouth/nose embroidered. He is such a cute little guinea pig who sits happily on his soft little bed which has also been needle felted from a very pretty mottled blue merino wool. Nest is approx. 1.5"x.5"

Topsy is looking for a new home and is now in my webstore and in my Etsy Store .

Like Popsy (post below), Topsy was created from a memory of two little guinea pigs that I had the honour to love and care for as a child, Topsy (black and tan) and Popsy (beige and tan).

For more photographs visit Topsy in my BEAR STUDIO

I do hope you like him!

Beary Hugs

Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Popsy" The Guinea Pig - A Miniature Treasure

"Popsy" 1" Guinea Pig
Meet "Popsy" my newest "Miniature Treasure". Popsy has been needle felted from beautiful, soft merino wool, beige and tan. She is one inch long and about 1/2 ins high. Her eyes have been needle felted and her mouth/nose embroidered. She is such a cute little guinea pig who sits happily in her gorgeous soft little nest which has also been needle felted from a very pretty pink merino wool. Nest is approx. 1.5"x1.5"
Popsy is looking for a new home and is now on my website and in my Etsy Store.
 She was created from a memory of two little guinea pigs that I had the honour to love and care for as a child, Topsy (black and tan) and Popsy (beige and tan). I plan to felt "Topsy" next, who will have a blue nest as he was a boy.

For more photographs please visit my BEAR STUDIO
I do hope you like her!

Beary Hugs

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The House Of Genista "Pocket Pals"

"Pocket Pals" are tiny,sweet miniature needlefelted Bears and animals. They are all approximately 2ins tall and are suitable for any miniature collection, as a friend for a bigger bear or doll or simple as a treat for yourself....

"Bobby Bunny" - 2ins
"Bobby Bunny" is the first in this collection, has been needlefelted from a lovely soft beige merino wool, has needlefelted features, fully thread jointed, wears his little turquoise ribbon and carries his little polymer clay carrot just in case he gets hungry....
He is available on my Website and my Etsy Store
Hope you like him!!

Beary Hugs

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The House Of Genista "Miniature Treasures"

The House Of Genista "Miniature Treasures" are tiny, sweet little miniature needlefelted animals suitable for a dolls house collection or any miniature collection. How about as a friend for a doll or bigger Teddy Bear or why not just treat yourself...
Meet "Cerise" and "Billy" the first two in my collection. Available on my website and my Etsy Store.

"Cerise" 1.7ins

"Billy" 1.5ins

Hope you like them!

Beary Hugs

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Genista Felties

  My newest "Genista Felties" needlefelted from good quality merino wool, about to go on my website.
"Blythe", "Tomos" and "Winston"

  Hope you like them!
Beary Hugs

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Roosevelt Bears - Their Travels And Adventures

The "Teddy" part is a name they found
On hat and tree and leggings round,
On belt and boot, and plates of tin,
And scraps of paper and biscuits thin,
And other things that hunters drop
When they chase a bear to a mountain top.

We all know about Teddy B and Teddy G - The Roosevelt Bears who became immensely popular in 1905 when Seymour Campbell Eaton (using the pen-name Paul Piper in the newspaper) began writing (in verse) about two bears from Colorado, The Roosevelt Bears. They got their names, Teddy--B and Teddy--G for their colour fur. In January 1906, the New York Times began publishing their first adventure, the voyage from Colorado to New York, in the sunday supplement, with nice illustrations by V. Floyd Campbell. The lovely Roosevelt Bear books were too follow by Seymour Eaton.

I was fortunate enough to recently acquire these lovely little bears, Teddy B and Teddy G, complete with their own travel trunk made by Schmidt. Here they are:

Aren't they just so cute!

Beary Hugs