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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bear In Progress

A lovely piece of Schulte mohair 9mm dense blue, the mohair I am using for my latest design. He is all cut out, stitched and ready to stuff and joint. Head is already stuffed. I will add more pictures tomorrow when I get better light to photograph.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Update On "Casper"

The breeder (where we are getting Casper from) emailed me these lovely photographs of Little Casper today, our Chocolate Labrador puppy who is now seven weeks old and coming along beautifully! We go to Nottingham to collect him a week today (May 1st) when he will be eight weeks old. We are so looking forward to welcoming him into our home!


Thought you might like to see a photograph of Caspers' father who is also called "Casper". Isn't he a beauty.....

Saturday, 24 April 2010


"Auriel" is a very cute little butterfly fairy bunny created from creamy chenille stems (pipecleaners) with some shading and trimming. Black bead eyes and a tiny polymer clay nose enhance her little face and pretty pink butterfly wings adorn her back. She carries her juicy carrot which has been sculpted from polymer clay. Auriel is approx 2ins/5cms tall. A little sweetie! Check her out on my website! Just click her photograph for more details.

Mr Pickles

Meet "Mr Pickles" an enchanting early 1950's Pedigree Bear. He is 20inches tall and is in a lovely condition. Mr Pickles is looking for a lovely new home. He is for sale on my website. Please click on his photograph for more details.


Friday, 23 April 2010

Spring Has Finally Sprung!!

What a wonderful time Spring is here in Wales! The garden bursting with beautiful Spring flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes. Gorgeous!! My all time favourite though is the beautiful but simple Daffodil and not just because it is the National Flower Of Wales. It was also my Mothers' favourite flower and our garden as a child was always full to the brim of these beautiful, bright, cheerful flowers.

All across Wales from the beginning of March the country comes alive with meadows of richly coloured flowers as the daffodils begin to bloom. Brought to Wales by the Romans and named after the Greek God Narcissus who looked into a pool, saw his reflection and fell in love with himself. Along with newborn lambs, the Daffodil heralds the arrival of Spring. Also, as the Daffodil begins to bloom around the 1st March, it has also come to symbolise St. Davids Day here in Wales, commemorating the Patron Saint Of Wales and you can see many a patriotic Welsh person wearing a Daffodil in their lapels.

Unfortunately they just simply do not last long enough so I plan to make the most of it whilst they're here.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

A New Addition "Casper"


I have had a delay with my new designs, as you may have noticed, due to illness. I have been unable to sew for the last few months due to depression/panic attacks, which has not been a nice experience. After the death of my beloved dog Jasper on 4th February this year, I found myself unable to cope as I was so full of grief and missed him so much. It all happened so quickly between Jasper being ill and his death. He left a great big hole in our lives. Two months later (ten weeks today) I still miss him and cry about him most days but am starting to feel more able to cope with my loss. My husband (bless him) has reserved a puppy for me, a chocolate labrador retriever (thought it might help). He is 5 weeks old at the moment and we collect him on May 1st when he will be 8 weeks. We plan to call him "CASPER" after his father, but mainly after our boy JASPER. He reminds us both so much of Jasper even though he looks nothing like him really. It's in the eyes/face I think. Casper will never be able to replace Jasper and we wouldn't want him too, but we hope he will fill at least a part of the empty hole left by Our Boy. No matter what, he will be loved so much and be treated like a little Prince. We are looking forward to bringing him home on May 1st.

"Casper" 5 weeks


Does Anyone Know Anything About This Bear?

I recently acquired this lovely old blue bear. I think he is from the 1950's/1960's but that is all I know about him. I think he is British. Can anyone give me any information about him?