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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lazy Week

(Click on Caspers' Photo to catch up with his page)
It has been half-term this week so we have had a lazy week spent at the caravan. The weather has been lovely so it has been a great week all round. Casper ("Pappa" who he is affectionately known as) now 12 weeks old (see above) has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the sun. He is definetly an outdoor dog, just loves to laze and play in the sun. We have had plenty to do apart from lazing about - cinema, picnics, trip to McDonalds (yummy), country park for lovely walks with the dogs, meal out with all the family (lovely!!) and some retail therapy shopping lol. Not a bad week!! Unfortunately, there was not a bear or paintbrush in sight so when we get back home on Sunday evening it will be back to the grindstone I think in more ways than one.


  1. Hope you have enjoyed your rest. Casper is growing up so quickly, he is a lovely dog and looks really relaxed.

  2. We had a lovely rest thanks Bev. Casper is certainly growing up fast, he's getting huge. He loves being outdoors and loves water. He is such fun to be with and gives us so much love and affection.He is hard work though at the moment as he chews everything in sight (including us lol), digs up the garden and is really boystrous but he is so lovely with it. Everyone we meet that has or has had a labrador say they are all hard work as puppies but it is worth it. I agree with them. He is our baby!!Have you seen the film Marley and Me? Think we should have called him Marley lol


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