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Monday, 4 October 2010

Update On Casper

Casper playing ball on Sunday

The appointment has come through for Caspers' assessment with the orthopaedic surgeon in Bristol. Friday 8th October at 8.30am. He has to be examined and assessed to see which surgery is best for his hip dysplasia. The vet will decide whether he should wait to have a complete hip replacement (which cannot be done until he is fully matured), or a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy a procedure effective for younger canines, like Casper. The pelvic bones are surgically broken down so that certain parts can be realigned accordingly. Sounds horrendous!!
We have been told not to feed him after 8pm the night before as the surgeon may decide to operate the same day – dependant on the assessment. OMG, my nerves are in tatters. I am dreading Friday! It just seems so unfair on him, he is such a lovely, sweet and gentle little soul. He wouldn't harm a fly! The procedures are sooooo expensive too, I'll be making bears till my fingers drop off lol!! Awhh well, could be worse, look on the bright side!
Beary Hugs


  1. Hi Hillary,

    I will be saying a prayer for your sweet Casper for Friday. Hope that the operation goes well and it is such a nerve wracking time and so pricey to have any procedure done by the vet.

    Sending hugs and well wishes

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you so much! We are dreading it too say the least, but as I said, it could be worse, Casper could have had something wrong that cannot be put right so we feel lucky in that sense. It will be a terrible ordeal for him but he should make a complete recovery we are told and live a full and complete life like any other dog. That's what counts!

  3. Hi Hillary,
    Good luck for Casper on Friday, I will be thinking of you all. God bless!
    Warmest Wishes

  4. Thank you so much Katie! Casper has escaped the surgery for now at least and is having hydrotherapy. I know you have visited Caspers' doggy blog so know all about it now but thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comments.


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