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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Casper Home And Doing Well

Casper after his knee surgery

Casper is now back home with us and doing very well after the surgery on his left knee. Just to update you, the response we have had from Caspers breeders (Fallowfen Gundogs) has been very derisary, I cannot go into details at the moment for legal reasons, but we are not happy with the outcome or their attitude, so a formal letter is going out today and we have been told that we have a good case to be represented in court, so unless anything changes e.g. a better offer, it looks like that is the road we will be going down.
I also intend to start a campaign/petition as we feel that breeding puppies with genetical problems must stop here and now, (especially by breeders accredited by The Kennel Club). We do not want to see any more puppies have to suffer with Caspers conditions. We have been in touch with The Kennel Club and are awaiting a response from them.

We took all the precautions we could before purchasing Casper. He was purchased from a breeder accredited by The Kennel Club, parents had good hip and eye scores (means nothing), we went all the way to Nottingham to get him to ensure (or so we thought) that we were getting a puppy with no genetical problems. So what went wrong? This is what we need to campaign about, to ensure this does not happen again to anyone else. I have been a campaigner for animals for many years, petitioning, standing outside with banners in the rain and so on, no matter what the distance, so I'm an old hand at this and  like a dog with a bone when I feel something is wrong especially concerning animals. Casper is "My Baby"so you can understand why I am so angry and upset about the whole situation and the way we have been treated.

Casper is feeling much better every day now thankfully, but it is going to be a long old haul to get him walking properly like any other normal dog. As I said in a previous post he has to have his right knee operated on in around 6 weeks (same as this op), and then there are both hips to be replaced one at a time. He's a tough old "Chocolate Pudding" and we are very proud of him and wouldn't change him for the world. Our vet has said that after all the surgery has been completed he should be able to walk and run like any other dog, so I'm looking forward to that. But we should not have to pay £12,000 for our dog to be able to walk properly because of bad genetical breeding.  And, more importantly Casper should not have to go through all of this. We will do it, because we love the bones of him.

I will let you know when my campaign is online so you can pop along and show your support, and have your say if you would like to.
 Please let me know your opinion on buying a dog for £600 and then having to spend £12,000 for him to walk properly! Is that fair? Should the breeder be liable as it is a genetical problem (diagnosed by the age of 6 months) or should we have to bear the full cost of the treatment?

Beary Hugs


  1. Oh boy, I would be spitting fire. I can see why you are too. This poor fellow. Thank you for all you are doing to stop this.

  2. All the best for Casper. I don't know anything about dogs, but a friend of mine is a cat breeder, and therefore I know about the problems of bad genetical breeding. But you are completely right, breeders should be responsible for the health of their bred animals, otherwise they should let the buyer know about possible problems.
    I hope you will have the success you want in court and help maybe other animal lovers to be protected from unreliable breeders. And most of all, I hope your baby won't have to suffer!

  3. Thank you so much for your support, it means a great deal to us. We will not stop until we get justice for Casper and do all we can to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else.

  4. I hope Caspar is feeling better!

  5. Thank you! Casper had his staples out on Saturday and is doing so much better now. He's getting about a bit now, slowly but surely.


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